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Referencing with APA: Radio and Internet Radio

Radio and Internet Radio

To be made up of:

Year and date of production
Title of episode 
Media type
Series name
Publication details

In-text citation:

According to the latest research (In our time, 2015)...

(Murray, 2015)

(Silva, 2014)

Reference list:

Morris, T. (Producer), & Bragg, M. (Presenter). (2015, January 1). The Sun [Radio series episode]. In In Our Time. London: BBC Radio 4.

Murray, J. (Presenter). (2015, July 16). Period photos on social media, school skirts a distraction? Anti-extremism. Woman's Hour [Radio programme]. Guest speakers Rup Kaur, Leeanne Coyle, Tracy Mackness, Caroline Lucas, Jessica Ringrose and Emma Nicholson. London, England: BBC Radio 4.

Silva, R. (Presenter). (2014, May 25). SF Said. Four Thought [Podcast radio programme]. London, England: BBC Radio 4. Retrieved from