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Referencing with APA: Book, printed (one author)

Book, printed (one author)

To be made up of:
Year of publication (in round brackets)
Title (in italics)
Edition (only include the edition number if it is not the first edition)
Place of publication: publisher

In-text citation:

According to the British consulate (Guy, 2001, p. 37)…

In-text citation: Book by same author in same year

(Kubler-Ross, 1993a)

(Kubler-Ross, 1993b)

Reference list:

Guy, J. (2001). The view across the river: Harriette Colenso and the Zulu struggle against imperialism. Charlottesville, Virginia: University Press of Virginia.

Reference list: Book by same author in same year

Kubler-Ross, E. (1993a). AIDS: The ultimate challenge. New York, NY: Collier Books.

Kubler-Ross, E. (1993b). Questions and answers on death and dying. New York, NY: Collier Books.