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Referencing with APA: Chapter in book (print)

Chapter in a book (print)

To be made up of:

(Year Published). 
Title of chapter In F. M. Last Editor (Ed.),
Title of book/anthology (pp. Pages). 
Publisher City, State: Publisher.

In-text citation:

It was evident (Serviss, 1911) that...

(Payne, 1999)

Reference list:

Serviss, G. P. (1911). A trip of terror. In A Columbus of space (pp. 17-32). New York, NY: Appleton.

Payne, S. (1999). 'Dangerous and different': Reconstructions of madness in the 1990s and the role of mental health policy. In S. Watson & L. Doyal (Eds.), Engendering social policy (pp. 180-195). Philadelphia, PA: Open University Press.