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Referencing with APA: Foreign Language Book (Transliteration)

Foreign Language Book Transliteration

To be made up of:
Author/editor (surname, initial)
Year of publication (in round brackets)
Title (in italics)
[Transliterated title] (in square brackets]
Edition (only include the edition number if it is not the first edition)
Place of publication:
Note:  If the text is in a non-Latin alphabet, this must be translated into the language of the paper.  So for 
In-text citation:

Arabic liteature will often cites the poetry of the 13th century Persian Sufi master Jalaluddin Rumi (Najm, 1966).

If you are referring to or quoting Akira Kurasaw from a non-Western source, e.g.  黒澤 明 and citing in an English paper, the in-text citation would be, (Kurasawa, 1954)

Reference list:

Najm, Y. (1966). Al-qissah fi al-adab Al-Arabi al-hadith [The novel in modern Arabic literature]. Beirut: Dar Al-Thaqafah.

七人の侍 transliterated is Shichinin no Samurai, and so the reference would be:

Motoki, S. (Producer), & Kurosawa, A. (Director). (1954). Shichinin no samurai [Seven samurai; motion picture]. Japan: Toho.