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Referencing with APA: Encyclopaedia Entry

Encyclopaedia Entry

To be made up of:

Year of publication
Entry title
In Encyclopaedia name (in italics)
Edition (if relevant)
Place of publication: publisher

In-text citation:

It is obvious that (Crystal, 2007, p. 45)…

(Ford-Martin, 2003)

(Norum, 2008)

Reference list:

Crystal, D. (2007). Medical science. In The Penguin Concise Encyclopaedia. (3rd edn.). London: Penguin.

Ford-Martin, P. (2003). Cognitive-behavioral therapy. In E. Thackery&M. Harris (Eds.), Gale encyclopedia of mental disorders (Vol.1, pp. 226-228). Detroit, MI: Gale.

Norum, K. (2008). Artifact Analysis. In Lisa M. Given (Ed.), The Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods.  doi: