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Referencing with APA: Book, printed (eight or more authors)

Book, printed (eight or more authors)

To be made up of:

Title of book
Edition (in round brackets)
Place of publication: publisher

List the first six authors then an ellipsis (i.e. three dots) then the last author in the reference.

In-text citation:

The evidence was clear (Standing et al., 2004)...

(Jones et al., 1984)

Reference list:

Standing, S., Ellis, H., Healy, J. C., Johanson, D., Williams, A., Collins, P., . . . Shah, P. (Eds.). (2004). Gray's anatomy: The anatomical basis of clinical practice (39th ed.). Edinburgh, Scotland: Churchill Livingston.

Jones, E., Farina, A., Hastorf, A., Markus, H., Miller, D., & Scott, R. (1984). Social stigma: The psychology of marked relationships. New York: W. H. Freeman.