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Introduction to Economic Research: Library Resources


Print books are located on the shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification. Each individual book can be retrieved by a call number on its spine like on the below example 

Statistics and Econometrics  by Dominick Salvatorz
Call number: 
HA29 . S239 2011

H - Social Science 
HA - Statistics
1 to 29 - Theory and method of social science statistics               
S - First letter of author's last name
239 - Author's number
2011 - Publication date

Subject Headings for Economics Section 

HA - Statistics  
HB -  Economic theory  
HC - Economic history and conditions 
HD - Industries, Land use, Labor 
HE - Transportations and communications 
HF - Commerce 
HG - Finance 
HJ - Public Finance 


Economics, Finance, Business & Industry
(299 - Journals, 395213 - Articles)




Business Source Premier
(29,971 titles)

Academic Search Premier

Economics - 315 titles Business - 240 titles
Finance - 90 titles, Marketing -72 titles
Development - 787 titles Entrepreneurship - 6 titles
Labor - 44 titles  Employment - 42 titles 



Business and Management (7 - eBooks)                                                                Economics and Finance (15 - eBooks)
Review of Keynesian Economics (e-Journal) European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention ( e- Journal)




  • Economics (794 - journals)                                                                                                  






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LIBRARY PRINT BOOKS                                 

Международный туризм by М.А. Ананьев., M A Ananʹev (Mikhail Anisimovich) 
Call Number: G155.A1 A56
Tourism : the business of hospitality and travel by Roy A Cook (Author), Cathy H C Hsu (Author), Lorraine L Taylor (Author) 

Call Number: G155.A1 C674

Future Tourism by James Leigh (Editor); Craig Webster (Editor); Stanislav Ivanov (Editor) 
Call Number: G155. A1 F88
Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management by Peter Mason 
Call Number: G155.A1 M344
Tourism: a modern synthesis by Joanne Connell; Stephen J. Page 
Call Number: G155.A1 P25787
Tourism by Peter Robinson; Michael Lück; Stephen L.J. Smith 
Call Number: G155.A1 R574
Tourism in Central Asia: cultural potential and challenges by Kemal Kantarci (Editor); Muzaffer Uysal (Editor); Vincent P. Magnini (Editor) 
Call Number: G155.A783 T68
The Economics of Tourism by Andreas Papatheodorou; M. Thea Sinclair; Mike J. Stabler 
Call Number: G155.G7 S73
The Kulu Valley: impact of tourism development in the mountain areas by Tej V. Singh (Editor) 

Call Number: G155.I4 S54

Культурное наследие России и туризм by [научные редакторы, Ю.А. Веденин and others].

Call Number: G155.R8 K82

The Winds of wanderlust : hiking and tourist trails in the Soviet Union 

Call Number: G155.R8 V4713

Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: guidelines for planning and management by Paul F. J. Eagles; Stephen F. McCool; Christopher D. Haynes; 

Call Number: G156.5.E26 E26

Mountaineering Tourism by Ghazali Musa (Editor); James Higham (Editor); Anna Thompson- Carr (Editor)
Call Number: G156.5.M68 M68
Volunteer Tourism by Angela M. Benson (Editor) 
Call Number: G156.5.V64 V65
Adventure Tourism by Steve Taylor (Editor); Peter Varley (Editor); Tony Johnston (Editor) 
Call Number: G516 .A37
Research methods for leisure and tourism by Anthony James Veal (Author) 

Call Number: GV14.5 .V43

The Economics of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism by John Tribe 
Call Number: GV188 .T75
Winter Sport Tourism by Simon Hudson; Louise Hudson 
Call Number: GV841 G156.5.S66 H83
The Amenity Migrants: seeking and sustaining mountains and their cultures by Laurence A. G. Moss (Editor) 

Call Number: HT382 .A64

Wellness Tourism by Cornelia Voigt (Editor); Christof Pforr (Editor) 
Call Number: RA793.5 .W46
Manual of rural technology with implications for mountain tourism by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development., Centre for Rural Technology. 

Call Number: T27.H56 M36


E-BOOKS & WEBLINKS                               

World Heritage sites : tourism, local communities and conservation activities by Takamitsu Jimura (Author) 
Call Number: G140.5 .J56

The Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation in Marine Environments by Michael Luck (Editor) 
Call Number: G155.A1 E4296

International Handbook on the Economics of Tourism by Larry Dwyer (Editor); Peter Forsyth (Editor) 
Call Number: G155.A1 I5132

Dictionary of Leisure, Travel and Tourism by Bloomsbury Publishing Staff 
Call Number: TX905 .D538

                    Featured Article                                                                                   

Ethnology. Spring2003, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p141


Leisure Tourism 
Your source for all tourism, leisure and hospitality information


DATABASES  & E-JOURNALS                           


 Tourism, Hospitality and Events  
        39 - Journals, 21899 - Articles                                        

Academic Articles on Tourism in JSTOR:

  • 103, 970 from Journals 
  • 2,866 from Book Chapters
  • 4,453 from Research Reports 

Featured Journals from JSTOR

Tourism and Hospitality Research 
Coverage: 1999 - 2017
Acta Turistica
Coverage: 1989 - 2020
Journal of Coastal Research
Coverage: 1985 - 2020
Mountain Research and Development
Coverage: 1981 - 2019
Community Development Journal 
Coverage: 1966 - 2015

                                        Academic Content on Tourism in Research4Life:                   

  • 201,762 - Journal  Articles
  • 6,640 - Reference
  • 2,923 - Conference Proceeding
  • 299 - eBooks

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