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Introduction to Economic Research: Welcome

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Introduction to Economics Research

The Introduction to Economic Research Libguide (IERL) friendly guides you through all available internal library print and e-resources as well as external online open resources and websites related to economics. It provides links to economics related library print and eBooks, e-journals, databases and external online open text sources, articles, journals, databases, websites and makes life easier for accessing these specific resources and utilizing them for research. It is also very convenient and timesaving whenever students would like to quickly refer to related references or search and find information on this discipline.

The IERL consists of the following four main pages or tabs:

Welcome – this tab contains a brief introductory information as well as boxes of key and featured websites, e-journals, print and eBooks which can directly be accessed via the provided links. The books and e-journals are featured with the images of their cover pages and links which can also visually enable the students to remember the resources.

Library Resources - this tab consists of five more subtabs

  • Print books – contains the bibliography of all  available print books in the library and direct link to each book
  • E-Books – contains the bibliography of all library purchased and subscribed eBooks and direct link to each e-book
  • Subscribed Databases – lists all the library subscribed databases and provides direct links to their resources related to economics
  • Economic E-References – contains the bibliography of library available economic reference eBooks, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, factbooks, key concepts,  and handbooks
  • Resources on Tourism – provides direct links to library print and eBooks, e-journals, and databases as well as external open sources on Tourism

Sources by Countries – provides direct links to related external sources for each respected South and Central Asian Countries

Open Sources – contains links to all kinds of related external open sources such as eBooks, e-journals, and websites

The library continues to update this guide with more important related internal and external resources.


Featured Books