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Introduction to EES research: Welcome

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Introduction to EES Research


Welcome to the Earth and Environmental Sciences Research Libguide!

This Libguide serves as a starting point of your research into the study of socio-cultural, environmental, geological and ecological systems as well as complex regional and global problems such as climate change, poverty, environmental degradation, and food and energy security. Research and publications collated in this space span diverse fields of geology, ecology, hydrology, environmental sciences, energy resources, and natural hazards. These resources are available through the UCA library system in print or online, and through external online sources.

The resources are organized into three main pages or tabs:

Welcome – this tab contains a brief introduction as well as boxes of key websites and journals on the left-hand side and featured books on the right-hand side. The cover page images of books and journals are shown to aid quick recognition and links are embedded for direct access.

Library Resources - this tab consists of three subtabs:

  • Print books – contains the bibliography of all available print books in the library and direct link to each book
  • E-Books – contains the bibliography of all library purchased and subscribed eBooks and direct link to each e-book
  • Subscribed Databases – lists all the library subscribed databases and provides direct links to their resources related to EES
  • E-journals – contains the bibliography of all library subscribed e-journals and direct link to each e-journal

Open Sources – contains links to all kinds of related external open sources such as eBooks, e-journals, websites and software.  

The library continues to update this guide with more important related internal and external resources.




Featured Books