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Searching: F - finding

Use this guide to learn how to search effectively for information sources

Finding Resources

The brief catalogue record brings up useful information. It confirms whether the item is in print or in electronic format. It also allows you to see whether the item is available 

or checked out with the date it is due back:

Books can be taken out for one-week at a time and renewed if there is not a 'hold' on it, i.e. someone else does not require the same resource.

Refining Your Results

Once you have conducted a search, you can refine your results using the options listed on the LH-side of the screen. You can refine by:

Library You can select holdings at UCA or Libraries Worldwide.
Content You can select Full Text or Peer Reviewed content.
Format You can select the format of the material you wan to view, e.g. print books, eBooks, articles, chapters, maps etc.
Database You can view the search results by database.
Author You can limit your search by author.
Year You can search by date or a range of dates.
Language You can limit your search by language of the resource in the results page.
Topic You can limit your search by the topic - this is useful if your topic is broad.