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Searching: A - accessing

Use this guide to learn how to search effectively for information sources

Accessing eBooks

If the bibliographic record on the Library Catalogue indicates the the book is an electronic / digital book, click on  'Access online'. This will bring up the full record with the abstract and the subjects associated with the resource.  This is a useful indication of whether the book in question is useful for your research. Clicking on the subject links will bring up additional resources on the same topics.

Download or Read Offline?

 The LH-Side of the screen will give you options to download the full-text as a PDF file or to download the book and read it offline.  

View Table of Contents / Index etc.

It is recommended that you browse the Table of Contents and the Index (especially if you are looking for something specific for your research) before you download the book.


The 'Cite' option on the RH-Side of the Screen allows you to configure the bibliographic information into a reference that follows established referencing standards, such as APA, MLA, etc.


The screen also gives you information about the number of pages you can print or save from the eBook and whether you can copy and paste the text.  Further it give you information about how many concurrent users have access to the eBook.