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Mendeley: Using the PDF Reader

Step-by-Step Instructions

Mendeley picks up information from the PDFs and websites you import from. This is not an exact science, so it is ALWAYS a good idea to review and edit your references accordingly. Any references that need to be reviewed will have this icon: 

In Mendeley Desktop:

  1. To the right of the selected reference are the Details 
  2. Check to see if the information is correct
  3. If it isn't, fill in the correct title
  4. Click Search by Title
  5. If this doesn't retrieve the correct information click on the appropriate fields and fill in the correct information
  6. When everything is correct click Details are Correct

Using the PDF Reader

This video has been created by the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library

This video explains the features of Mendeley Desktop's PDF Reader including highlighting and adding notes.