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Information on Library Services and Facilities

On this page, we provide information about the Library Services and the Facilities available to all UCA students, faculty and researchers.  These include Reference Service, Interlibrary Loans Service, Printing and Scanning Service, the Study Spaces available to you and information about our Opening Hours and the Reserve Collection., 

Reference Services

We provide a reference service to library users which includes assistance in finding materials in the library's own print, eBook and journal collections and databases as well as materials from external resources, which may be available through inter-library loan. Due to the large volume of materials published globally in varying formats and at an accelerated pace, finding the right resource(s) quickly and efficiently can be challenging. Librarians are trained to conduct advanced searches with greater specificity and verify the authenticity and currency of the resources.

Interlibrary Loan Service

The Library provides interlibrary loan and delivery services to help students and faculty obtain materials not available in the library. For further details and to use this service, speak to the library staff.

Printing and Scanning Facilities

Print and copy facilities are available in the library. The Library has printers, scanners and copy machines to help library users get the documents they need. A nominal fee is charged to copy or print a page. Students can also configure their laptops to send print jobs to a networked printer in the library. For more details on how to do this, please speak with a member of the Library team.

Library Services and Facilities

UCA is establishing an integrated network of three campus libraries of equal stature in Central Asia.  The library at the Naryn campus opened in 2016 and the Khorog campus library in 2017. The Tekeli campus library will open in 2021. All three libraries are overseen by a University Librarian and supported by OCLC WMS, a leading integrated library management system which allows library users to search and access discipline-based and multidisciplinary resources across the three libraries. Research collections held by UCA research centres will eventually be added to the library catalogue.

Study Space

The Library provides comfortable seating for both individualised and small group or collaborative study. Independent study spaces and group study rooms are available for use. These spaces are designed to promote intellectual exchange, discovery and learning at UCA.

Independent study spaces are configured for individual silent study; noise and / or distractions are not permitted. For collaborative work, students can reserve group study rooms to work on assignments or hold study groups with classmates. Group study rooms must be booked in advance. For more details and to check group study availability or reserve a room, please send an email to the library at

Library Hours

Library opening hours are dependent on campus schedules. For this term they are:

Khorog Campus

  • Mon-Thur 10:00-22:00
  • Fri             13:00-22:00
  • Sat-Sun    15:00-22:00 

Naryn Campus

  • Mon-Thur 10:00-22:00
  • Fri-Sun     15:00-22:00 

The Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is a reference ony collection of high demand materials designated by Faculty to support you in fulfilling your course requirements at UCA.  You are advised not to rely solely on the materials held in this collection or use it to substitute for the purchase of books, course curricula or other published materials required for your studies.

Faculty may request materials to be placed in the Reserve Collection for a designated period of time.  Such resources are restricted for use in the Library only.